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PARAGONE is a four-year project with 17 partners comprising academic members from six European countries, Uruguay and China and four commercial partners from across the EU. Of the commercial partners, two are animal health companies, one is a biotech company focused on bioinformatics, one a company focused on immunological tools and the other  develops novel adjuvant systems.

A Scientific Advisory Panel composed of independent experts in the fields of parasite immunology, vaccinology and product development provides autonomous comment on the PARAGONE project progress and integration of its outcomes.

Jacqui Matthews

PARAGONE is led by Moredun Research Institute, UK, with Professor Jacqui Matthews (left) acting as the Principal Investigator.  She works with the Management Board to coordinate the research, training, dissemination and administrative deliverables.

Richard Mole

Dr Richard Mole is the Project Manager on PARAGONE. Rich works closely with Jacqui to ensure that the research deliverables are met within the agreed timelines and that the reporting objectives are achieved.  Rich oversees the financial administration of the project.

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