Current research at Norwegian Veterinary Institute

At the Norwegian Veterinary Institute(, researcher Øivind Øines is currently researching the molecular epidemiology of PRM, and this work is ongoing through a separate collaboration-project with Animalia Fjørfe (

The results from this research will be used to determine possible infestation routes of the parasite. The data from such investigations may be relevant to management solutions when combating this pest.

Some of this work have been carried out together with Swedish researcher Sara Brannstrom, (open access publication available here; link:

Since this work was published, even more data have become available, allowing an even better overview of the poultry red mite populations in Norway and how they transfer within the industry.

Relevant to Paragone, Øines has some previous experience with DNA-vaccination experiments on hens, where the aims of the projects were to elicit antibody response in hens after vaccination with poultry red mite antigen DNA (currently unpublished). A similar approach has proven successful in other experimental platforms, with other parasites. The experimental platform may, if successful, pave way to faster and more economic discoveries of antigens against poultry red mite.