Krystyna Cwiklinski And Heather Jewhurst

PARAGONE: Our First Year Experiences – Krystyna Cwiklinski and Heather Jewhurst

Our first year of the PARAGONE project has been focussed on expressing and purifying the recombinant proteins for vaccine trials for the liver fluke parasite, Fasciola hepatica.

Of the three proteins between produced by Queen’s University Belfast (the fourth protein to be included in the trials is being produced by our UdelaR partner), one is expressed in our yeast expression system and the other two have been purified using the automated Profinia protein purification system (BioRad-see photo below).  These proteins were passed on to our partners in Cordoba for the sheep trial and Uruguay for the cattle trial.

At the end of June, we also attended the first liver fluke PARAGONE group meeting to discuss the preliminary results of our vaccines trials and the analysis of glycans/glycoproteins and the potential diversity of the parasite and the vaccine targets. It was a good opportunity to catch up with everyone and see the great progress everyone has made.

We are looking forward to the PARAGONE consortium meeting to be held in Ghent in August to hear about all the other trials.