Senior Lecturer in Parasitology at the Department of Animal Health of the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Cordoba (Spain).

He graduated in the University of Cordoba with a degree in Veterinary Science in 1986. He continued with his postgraduate education in Madrid (Spain), Jerusalem (Israel) and Tours (France) and obtained his PhD in Veterinary Science in the University of Cordoba in 1991.

He has been teaching Parasitology, Parasitic Diseases and Preventive Veterinary Medicine in the University of Cordoba since 1991, both in graduate and post-graduate education. He has directed several Msc and PhD thesis and has been involved in different projects of teaching innovation in Animal Health. He is member of the Teaching Committee of the Veterinary Faculty.

His research activity was initially orientated to parasitic zoonoses (leishmaniasis and toxoplasmosis) but for many years has been mainly focused on parasite immunology and immunopathology of helminth infections of ruminants. He has been research leader in different research projects funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education and in the last years has participated in EU projects for the development of new strategies of immune control in parasitic infections in ruminants: DELIVER project in FP VI; PARAVAC project in FP VII and PARAGONE project in H2020. He has been WP leader in the COST Action FA-0805 CAPARA in goat parasitology. Research has been published in more than 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

He is de facto Diplomate in the European Parasitology Veterinary College (DipEVPC), where he is now chair of the Education Committee.

He is also Head of the Department of Animal Health and Director of the Master in Animal Medicine, Health and Production of the University of Cordoba.