Barry D. Moore (Ph.D) is the R&D Director of XstalBio Ltd an SME which develops innovative dry powder and vaccine technologies for formulation, stabilisation and delivery of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines.  He has a strong track record for innovative interdisciplinary biophysical research with over 100 papers and patents.

Dr Moore is a Reader in Biophysical Chemistry at University of Strathclyde and has made important contributions to the understanding and characterisation of protein behaviour in low water media. He was also an inventor of the thermally stable vaccine microparticles (CaP-PCMC) that will be used in Paragone to facilitate co-delivery of parasite antigens with combinations of PAMP ligands.

Dr Moore has been Scientific Secretary of the European Association of Pharma Biotechnology (EAPB) and Chair of the Therapeutic Biomolecule and Vaccines Focus Group of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences GB (APSGB).