After obtaining my PhD in Protein Biochemistry (2007, Ghent University, Laboratory for Protein Engineering and Biochemistry) I have worked for Ablynx NV (2007-2010) and Oxyrane Belgium NV (2013-2015) as a scientist responsible for protein characterization, mostly in the fields of enzymology, protein stability, biophysical characterization, mass spectrometry and structural biology.

In between these two positions I have already been part of the Laboratory for Parasitology (Veterinary Sciences, UGent) from 2011 until 2013 during which I performed research regarding the development of recombinant vaccines against Ostertagia ostertagi and Cooperia oncophora, in the frame of the Paravac project.  This work culminated in the publication of the crystal structure of the recombinant O. ostertagi ASP (Oo-ASP-1) and the inventoried C. oncophora excretome/secretome, containing a double-domain ASP (dd-Co-ASP) which was demonstrated in animal trials to be a highly promising vaccine candidate.  These data are currently being used in the further development and optimization of recombinant vaccine candidates.