Qualified Veterinary Medicine from the University of Cordoba in 1989 (Honours Degree), Doctor of the University of Cordoba in 1992 (PhD Prize). Has conducted post-doc stays in University College Dublin (Ireland), Cornell University (USA) and Bristol University (UK). He has held positions at the University of Córdoba and since 2010 is Full Professor in the Department of Comparative Anatomy and Pathology of the University of Córdoba, Spain.

Main research interest is immune response and vaccine development against helminth infection, particularly in immune response and vaccine trials for Fasciola hepatica in sheep and goats. He has been coordinator of a European project VI PM (DELIVER), partner principal investigator and coordinator of the training package of a European project VII PM (PARAVAC).He is partner principal investigator and work-package coordinator  (Interrogating host/parasite interactions to optimize downstream delivery to generate protection) in a Horizon 2020 project (PARAGONE). He has participated as a researcher in two European projects of the VI PM (EADGENE and SABRE), in 5 national research projects and 5 other regional projects, principal investigator of a regional project and two national complementary actions. He has participated in 14 other projects and research grants and research contracts.

The research results have been published in 114 papers in journals ISI (87 in the first quartile), 1235 citations, h-index: 18, 25 articles in journals non ISI journals. He has participated in two organizing committees for national congresses, in 3 scientific committees of national and international meetings. He has presented two invited papers at two international conferences and a national conference. He has participated as author or co-author of 250 communications and / or posters in international and national congresses. Has been director of 8 finished doctoral theses and director or co-director of 6 ongoing PhD thesis.

He has been evaluator of research projects for the Spanish National Agency for Evaluation and Prospective (ANEP) in 3 calls , Agency FONDECYT (Chile ) National Agency for Science and Technology ( Argentina ) , ” National Research Centre ” (Poland ) and the National Agency for Research and innovation ( Uruguay ) . He has been a reviewer for more than 50 articles in 20 journals ISI, including Plos negl Trop Dis , Vaccine , BMC Vet Res , Vet Pathol , Vet Parasitol , Exp Parasitol , J Helmintol , Europrot , Vet J , J Parasitol , among others. Animal Health expert in the ” European Food Security Agency ‘ (EFSA): 2006-2010.


Selected Key publication:

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