Dr Tom McNeilly is a qualified veterinary surgeon with expertise in translational aspects of ruminant immunology, including vaccine development and population-based studies on immune variation in livestock species. He has been involved in the development vaccines to control parasitic, viral and bacterial infections in both cattle and sheep, and has identified a number of immune traits in ruminants associated with disease resistance.

His current research interests include:

  1. Development of vaccines against major ruminant pathogens;
  2. Novel adjuvant development; 2. Immune-regulation in ruminants in relation to parasitic and bacterial diseases;
  3. Identification immune markers relating to disease susceptibility or resistance in ruminant populations.

Within the PARAGONE project, Dr McNeilly will lead a Work Package aimed at developing and validating novel adjuvant systems for use in livestock parasite vaccines. He will also be involved in work aimed at improving our understanding of the effects of animal breed and age on vaccine effectiveness.