A partnership of academic and commercial organisations working to develop animal vaccines for use on farms in the EU and beyond


The development of subunit vaccines for multicellular parasites has proved a real challenge to the global research community. This is due to the complexity of these organisms and their ability to modulate host immune responses.

Recently, subunit vaccines designed to control a number of globally important worms of ruminants have shown promise. These parasite vaccines mostly comprise cocktails of several worm proteins. In PARAGONE, the partners will take a number of these prototypes and and test them in further trials, as well combine some to make multivalent vaccines. For parasites for which vaccines have proved difficult to develop, fundamental studies will be performed to inform on the type of host response that needs to be stimulated to obtain protection. This will feed into the selection of appropriate novel adjuvant systems with which to deliver the vaccines. By bringing these streams together, PARAGONE will take the current best multicellular parasite vaccine prototypes forward to practical outcomes for use on farms in the EU and beyond.

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Paragone partners outside Moredun Research Institute, April 2015

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Paragone has contributors from academic and industrial institutions across Europe and the rest of the World.


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